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Operation D-Con:
Operation D-Con is an assault on a wounded carrier orbiting Venus. My responsibilities included almost all of the cinematic and technical scripting while handling the overall design of the level to completion. 

I worked with our VFX artists to create dynamic logic that mixes and controls multiple layers of atmosphere effects, as well as canopy logic that produces whisps reactive to the player’s piloting in the clouds. To solve issues of transitioning from a space fight, to a chase, to boarding a moving carrier without having many new assets made was a great challenge. Most of this rests on high level cinematic, technical and gameplay scripting working in unison with the atmosphere system I crafted. 
During all of this, the level is being streamed in and out in predetermined chunks that I optimized. This produces better performance on consoles and slow hard drives, while the careful timing of it all allows me enough time to stream out the entire carrier by the end.


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