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Primarily, I did level design and designer set-dress on Ambush. There were a lot of performance concerns up front, planning a night time snow map. The main challenge was composing all of the terrain and the layout of the base in such a way as to be performant with well setup occlusion, without compromising the multi-choice cinematic stealth gameplay. With the design in place, I did a first pass at art and detail to give the base some identity and flavor quickly.
To add an additional layer of polish for performance, I crafted the technical scripting that groups the expensive lighting elements into sorted arrays to be dynamically turned on and off as the player navigates the level. I made contributions to combat and gameplay scripting in the level, as well as the technical cinematic scripting that handles all of the elements and timing of the tank blowing the player out of the tower.
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The Rhine:
My major contribution to our take on Remagen was the German side of the Ludendorff Bridge as well as the Erpeler Ley mountains to approximation, blocked in with Radiant meshes and given a pass at detail to identify features. Additionally, I designed and setup a fair amount of the bridge to be used in a cinematic explosion.

Blowing up the bridge required quite a lot of technical scripting. All of the props in the scene needed to be script models to save on animation resources and there were entire sections of the bridge to swap. A bit of pre calculation gives every prop some trajectory based on nearby explosion origins. Every effect is hand timed and cleanly controlled in script to keep all the explosions synced with audio while simultaneously triggering all nearby pre calculated objects and collateral FX.

Throughout the level I made major contributions to combat scripting and cinematic detail that required high levels of technical scripting and polish. My other task was to order, maintain and optimize the levels code for performance.

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