COD: Advanced Warfare


Throttle is a two part mission. The second half takes place on the streets of Atlas held New Baghdad in the midst of an invasion. I was responsible for ideation and blockout of several areas. Our main goal was to allow the player to enjoy the power of boost jump and the grapple hook as much as possible. The arrangements of natural architecture and cover are meant to encourage freedom of choice and produce fun combat from many angles at once, allowing for multiple types of battles across some of the same space.

When scripting for the AST battle in the streets in the final push, I wanted to provide hand scripted combat encounters in as many of the areas as possible to give the player action in all the various areas they could grapple to. We also wanted to make the player feel powerful and smart by allowing them to pull the pilot out of the AST with the grapple. In order to encourage this, I would fractionally lower the turn rates of the mech suits if the player managed to stay behind them.