COD: Infinite Warfare

Operation D-Con:

SDF Hellas is badly wounded, hiding in orbit of Venus after having survived a grueling encounter with UNSA forces. This particular carrier employees chemical weapons in combat and UNSA intelligence believes it carries experimental weapons in its arsenal. Reyes is tasked with acquiring a sample and making sure the Hellas never sees combat again.

For this Ship Assault I was responsible for the design and scripting of all areas and sequences. In order to better simulate flying through the gaseous clouds of Venus, I scripted logic that used several intensities of canopy FX that I swapped based on a combination of speed, directional vectors and altitude. The cloud layers used logic that swapped between different opacities and velocities and could be controlled in space to produce the illusion of a chase as well as making it seem like the Carrier sinks into the clouds at the end.