Skilled Game Designer with 4+ years AAA experience. Due to necessity from a background in modding, I cultivate a wide set of skills. This enables more productive conversation with other departments and so produces better realized, more efficient level designs.

I’m highly proficient at various types of scripting, from gameplay mechanics and AI behavior to moments of cinematic intensity. With a holistic focus, I’m able to stay mobile and contribute in a wide variety of ways to make a high impact.

Last not but least, I’m very driven and inspired to produce content that elicits flow in people when they pick up the controller. I will continuously seek out the feedback of others and do what it takes to produce positive, efficient iteration

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Junior Designer - Raven Software 2012-2014
  • Level DesignBlockout, Iteration, First Pass Art
  • ScriptingCinematic Gameplay, AI Behavior

Call of Duty: Online

Associate Designer - Raven Software 2014-2015
  • Level DesignBlockout, Iteration, First Pass Art
  • Environmental Setdress and Art
  • ScriptingCooperative Modes, Cooperative Systems, AI Behavior, Cinematic Gameplay
  • Free To Play Design
  • Live Game Content Production

Call of Duty: infinite warfare

Associate Designer - Raven Software 2015-2016
  • Level Design – Blockout, Iteration, First Pass Art
  • Scripting – Cinematic Gameplay
  • Console and PC optimizationStreaming and Transients

Call of Duty: wwii

Associate Designer - Raven Software 2016-2017
  • Level DesignBlockout, Iteration, First Pass Art
  • ScriptingCinematic Gameplay, AI Behavior, Single Player Systems
  • Topdowns
  • Level Decks
  • Mechanic Decks
  • Mechanics and Level Pitches
  • Narrative Documentation and Dialogue Writing
  • Concepts and Mockups
  • 4+ years hands on building experience
  • 4+ years planning and execution
  • Strong composition and environmental art skills
  • 4+ years Cinematic SP Gameplay
  • 4+ years SP Level Functionality and Systems
  • 4+ years Optimization, Efficient Scripting
  • Cooperative and MP Mode Scripting
  • Vector Math
  • GSC, some C++
  • Radiant
  • Photoshop
  • Maya
  • World Machine
  • Visual Studio
  • Powerpoint
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